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What is a Manufacturing license?

A manufacturing license is an official authorisation issued by the national health authorities to a pharmaceutical manufacturer allowing the company to manufacture a certain range of pharmaceutical products according to current laws and orders.

Is Pharmix Laboratories a manufacturer or a marketing company?
Pharmix Laboratories is a manufacturer of all its products in company’s owned State of The Art Manufacturing Facilities.

What kind of business activities does Pharmix Laboratories carry out?
Pharmix Laboratories manufactures, export and markets its Pharmaceuticals drugs.

Which production lines Pharmix Laboratories has in operation?
Pharmix Laboratories has capacity to produce;
    General Tablets
    General Capsules
    Hormonal Tablets
    Antibiotic Capsules
    Dry Powder Suspensions
    Liquid Syrups & Suspensions

What types of products Pharmix Laboratories deals in?
Pharmix Laboratories boasts an impressive range of pharmaceutical products; that includes, but is not limited to, Anti-Acne , Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Biotics, Anti Convulsants/Gaba Analogue, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Emetics, Anti-Fungals, Anti-Histamines, Anti-Hypertensives Anti-Malarials, Anti-Rheumatics, Anti-Ulcers (Proton Pump Inhibitors),Anti Virals, Androgens, Amoebicidals, Bisphosphonates/Calcium Regulator, Gastroprokinetic/ Anti-Psychotic, Haematinics, H-2 Receptor Blockers, Mucolytic/Bronchodilator, Muscle Relaxant, Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (Nsaid’s), Progestogens, Vitamin-D Analogue. These products are available across Pakistan in several convenient presentations.

What type of Quality Assurance and Quality Control arrangements Pharmix Laboratories has in place?
Pharmix Laboratories has an elaborate Quality Management System in place; that is duly certified by ISO 9001: 2008. Concepts like Total Quality Management and Good Manufacturing Practices have been ingrained in the organization’s culture all across. Pharmix’s full strength Quality Control Department remains an extremely efficient player in the organization’s overall performance with its well-equipped and well-maintained laboratories. Side-by-side, Quality Assurance Department oversees critical points in various.

Does Pharmix Laboratories undergo Quality Audit?
Yes, apart from Drug Regulatory Authorities of Pakistan checking, Pharmix Laboratories undergoes Quality Audits and Training of staff, in relation to ISO 9001: 2008 as per recommended schedule.

How do you handle a claim from a customer?
We ensure that all complaints from our customers are investigated thoroughly and professionally according to detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our investigation starts immediately after receipt of the complaint and includes a review of internal product specifications and/or product file, the quality control document and the certificate of analysis.

What is a Free Sale Certificate?
A Free Sale Certificate is issued by the national Drug Regulatory Authorities of Pakistan for a specific product, stating that the product is for “free sale” within the country of origin. This does not necessarily mean that the product is licensed to be placed on the market in the country of origin, but that the product is of a quality suitable for being placed on the market. In other words, a Free Sale Certificate does not guarantee that the product in question is marketed in the country of origin.

What is a CPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product)?
A CPP is a certificate issued by the national health authorities upon request from either the manufacturer, the customer or the authorities in the importing country. The certificate is issued for a specific product and states whether or not the product is marketed in the country of origin. Furthermore, it states that the manufacturer of the product complies with GMP and that they are inspected regularly by the national health authorities.

What is a Certificate of Origin?
A certificate stating the origin of the product, i.e. the country in which the product has been manufactured. The certificate is issued by the manufacturer or the supplier and is stamped by the local Chamber of Commerce.

How does the company market its products across Pakistan?
The company has appointed reputable distributors in all major cities of Pakistan. These distributors ensure timely availability of Pharmix’s products across country.

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